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.Sunday, November 29, 2009 ' 2:49 PM Y
live & regret.

Currently tuning into: Boys Like Girls - Two Is Better Than One

I remember what you wore on the first day,
You came into my life,
And I thought hey,
You know this could be something,
'Cause everything you do and words you say,
You know that it all takes my breath away,
And now I'm left with nothing.

'Cause maybe it's true, that I can't live without you,
Well maybe two is better than one,
There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life,
And you've already got me coming undone,
And I'm thinking two, is better than one.

On This Day In Your Life Farah, God Wants You To Know..

that today you have a cause for celebration. Today, you should celebrate what an unbelievable life you have had so far: the accomplishments, the many blessings, and, yes, even the hardships because they have served to make you stronger. Just as a gem cannot be polished without friction, nor can a life be perfected ...without trials. Take a time to acknowledge your life and to praise yourself.

credits to facebook.

Yesterday went to Sunway with my family. Adik had been bugging Papa to buy a PSP fer quite some time now, so he finally decided to buy it. Wtf. However, by the time we left Sunway we didn't get a PSP, but ended up getting a Wii. Yeay! =.=

Oh, & Papa bought a tv just so that we can have the old one for the Wii. Tetibe cam orang kaya lak family akuh smlm.

Wii! & my DDR mat. (:

Bored, while waiting fer papa & mummy to choose a tv.

Negotiating. =.=

This is what happens when you're bored & hungry. Random camwhoring. Pfft.

Stopped by at my auntie's house. Here's my new cousin sis, Mya Mikaella. ;)

Wii, you're finally homeeee. HAHAA.

Oh, & last Thursday watched New Moon with Aben & Bell. First time doh, watching a movie right on the it's day released. N'way, the movie was awesomeeee! Robert's fucking hot okay! Lmao. Cried at some parts of the movie, being the sensitive me. Lol. But our seating, gle ah. 2nd row kot. Sakit leher tgk. T_T

Nx movie stop, 2012 & A Xmas Carol 3D. (:

Oh, & a small reminder to someone, I don't like being accused of being rich, just b'cuz I'm able to go lpak shisha/minum every night, or stuff like that. Hello, my parents are the ones with the fucking money, not me. & if they really were that rich I'd be having enough money to but all sorts of branded clothes by now. Stkat 5 hinggit dlm wallet aku skang, xjd pe la sial. Aku fuck org yg bajet family aku ni kaya-raya, fham?

Nx, you'd choose going out with boys over your best friends? Wow, it's no surprise to me actually, coming from you. You & your excuses.

Btw, to Haikal: Cpat blik KL! Rinduuuuu! HAHA. Bell, Aben, & I sedang menanti kepulangan you dr JB nih, nak gi double date. HAHAA.

P.s, I've been abit the lazy in updating this blog so forgive me really. But don't worry, the year-end synopsis is A MUST.


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.

.Tuesday, November 24, 2009 ' 11:15 PM Y
live & regret.

Currently tuning into: Lenka - Bring Me Down

Where did we go wrong?
We let it be so long,
But now there's no point turning back, let's face the facts.

The writing's on the wall, there's nothing to say anymore,
So I'll leave before I fall apart right back into your arms,
The writing's on the wall, you gave nothing and I gave it all,
But I want something better and I won't let this burden bring me down.

So, just got back. Again skipped class & went to Mid Valley fer cycling. After that went to fetch Izz, then take away KFC & blik my house mkn. Lpak2 kjp, then singgah rumah Bell, then fetch him back. Lps tu, mlm, lpak shisha again with Nbhh & Bell. In other words, I've been out all day fer the past fews, I'm terribly broke, & I'm currently hating studies.

Esok exam Mass Comm bai. Kene study 6 topic bai. Blom bace pape bai. You nye psl la ni Izz sygs, dok dating je keje kite. HAHAA. T_T


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.

.Monday, November 23, 2009 ' 11:31 PM Y
live & regret.

Currently tuning into: Beyonce Knowles - Sweet Dreams

My guilty pleasure, I ain't going no where,
Baby long as you're here I'll be floating on air,
'Cause you're my..

You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare,
Either way I don't wanna wake up from you.

Kene kaco hantu ah sial! T_T

Last night Casper called me, when I was asleep. He was smart enough to call me using some other number, cuz basically, I wouldn't bother answering it if I knew it was him. N'way, after talking fer a bit I started shivering, so bad that I stopped talking. Suddenly I was freezing, shivering so hard, finding it very hard to breathe. With difficulty, told Casper to call back some other time; wasn't feeling well. Basically, what happened after that, I'm not sure, since I somehow passed out.

N'way, today skipped all classes & went to Mid Valley. HAHAH. Mlas kot. Went to gym, then after that went 'dating' with Izz. Hoho. He's a Sarawakian, staying in PJ, studying in UiTM Dungun. Walked around Mid, having no idea on what to do, so in the end went pusing2 around his area in PJ. Lmao. After that, again xtau nak gi mane, so ended up staying at my house learning how to cook. HAHA. He's doing his dip in Culinary Arts, so we spent the afternoon watching the Asian Food channel. Wtf. Oh, house was empty, mummy & adik blik kg. Heh.


After went to fetch Bhai, sent Izz home, then went to lpak shisha with Bell at Star Cafe.

Die malu2 cat, aku xreti nak tgkp gmbr elok2, so itula hasilnye. HAHAA.

'Effects', thx to Nabih0h0h0. Wtf.


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.

.Sunday, November 22, 2009 ' 11:54 PM Y
live & regret.

Currently tuning into: Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys

Some think it's complicated
But they're straight upfront for me
I don't need no explanation
It's nothing more than what you see here
My heart still feels divided
Halfway between wrong and right
I know I'm playing with fire
But I don't know why

Saturday, November 21st.

Had Writing For Business replacement lecture in the morning. Class was supposed to start at 10, but Mr Yaw arrived at almost 11. Claimed that he forgot got class. Wtf. So basically, I went all the way there fer a stupid one hour lecture. Pfft.

After class patah blik Subang. I wanted to go to Keramat but Umi didn't call me yet, so decided to hang around at Nad's. Had lunch there, & at around 2 Umi called me, telling me that she was at home already but it seemed like it was gonna rain, so suggested me coming another day. Told her it was okay, wasn't raining in Subang yet, & I was fine. Had been wanting to go back there fer quite a while now n'way; wasn't gonna cancel it over a little rain. So pe lg, grak la ngan Nad.

Arrived there at around 4-ish. Was drizzling a little along the way, kinda jam, but otherwise fine. Punye la excited nak gi Keramat kan. Haha. So, as usual, chit chatted with Umi, helped her prepare tea. Asked Yon to drop by too, since I promised that I'll meet him when I went there. Yon pun rase plik, 1st time dtg rumah Casper tp Casper xde. Hahaa.

Chit chatted about random stuff with Umi, the four of us. Told me that Amin didn't call her this week, & asked me if I knew where he was. I told her that I didn't know, hadn't contacted him since my b'day. Basically, I was lying. I knew fully well where the fuck he was, being at his girlf's house in Ipoh, but I didn't want to create trouble, since basically, it was obvious that she had no idea that Amin was no longer with me. P.s, to Amin; I didn't do it to save your fucking ass, I did it just so that Umi didn't have to worry so much about this fucked-up son of hers.

Then in the end I asked her about Wani. Had the sudden urge to ask her, to see how much she knew. Not gonna give full details here, b'cuz I don't think Casper should know what I had been talking about to his mum. In short, the interesting part was when I came clean with her, telling her everything, mainly about how I had already broken up with him in July, but he just so happened to be with that girl since before we broke up.

Umi, was obviously dead shocked when I told her that I had broken up with Amin a few mths back. Didn't dare look at her after I finished, was on the verge of crying. Eventhough I didn't look at her, I could practically feel the look on her face. As Nad said, there was a genuine look of shock after hearing what I had to say. She knew, that I meant what I said, that I wasn't playing around, that all this while I was serious in being with Amin.

N'way, after a little advise from her & stuff, I swear to God I felt better. All her words were comforting & supportive, & somewhat similar to mummy's. I'm already part of the family, what's left to say really. At 7 had to leave, since Nad was complaining on wanting to go home. Pfft. Before leaving, left Amin's shirt, my other necklace, & a cd of all our pics in his room. His whole room was all empty, except for some junk & obviously, my 'Amin♥Farah' necklace was still there too. Pape je la. Umi, Ayah & kak Intan wanted me to follow them to some kenduri, but since I had company, xjd la kot. Haha. N'way, she was sweet. Asked me to come over during Raya Haji, if I xjd blik kg.

To Yon: I sll lupe nak snap pic ngan you ouh.

Sunday, November 22nd.

Was supposed to go to Desa Waterpark with mummy, but xjd. Fer one, she was sick, & we didn't even know the way there. Sheesh. So, decided to go to the gym. Nad said she was gonna be there with Saleh & Aben, so since my plans were cancelled considered joining them after my gym session.

At first was very the mlas, cuz Haikal said that he couldn't come, but in the end he came with some of his other friends, but told me not to tell Nad & Saleh. Lol.

So, after gym when to meet Nad & the gang at the game arcade. was busy texting with Haikal, until Nad asked me who I was texting with. Told her some random myspace dudee. Haha. Then last2 when to look for Haikal, & brought him to them. Punye la t'kjut dorg. Ahaha. Oh, & I played DDR for the 1st time in a game arcade! HAHA. Besh la gak.

After that when to KFC, where we met the rest of the gang, Syukri, Syakir, & Poji. Said there laughing like org gile. Haha wtf. After that went out lpak.

Merempat kat tgh2 jln HAHA.

Nad. Haikal menyibuk blkg! :P

Aben tido hahaa. Kononnye sweet la sgt kan muke akuh. T_T'


Haikal snap pic Syukri. Menyibuk jap. Hahaa.

Haikal & Saleh.

Pic2 yg menimbulkan persoalan. HAHAA wtf.

At last, main game lg. Wtf.

Abg gymmmmm! I nak youuuuu!!!! NGAHAHAHAHAHA.


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.

.Wednesday, November 18, 2009 ' 1:34 AM Y
live & regret.

Currently tuning into: Demi Lovato - Don't Forget

Did you forget,
That I was even alive,
Did you forget,
Everything we ever had,
Did you forget,
Did you forget,
About me.

But somewhere we went wrong,
We were once so strong,
Our love is like a song,
You can't forget it.

Disebabkan En Mohd Amirul Azhar aka YON nak I post blog yg sepenuhnya dlm BM, ni la die. Khas utk u la si bongok eh. HAHA. (:

Ari ni ponteng class Mass Comm ouh. Gi lpak Summit, karaoke. Dahlah esok exam. Hbat gle aku nih. Heh. Tgh ari camtu si Nad text I, ajk lpak, skali ngan Saleh, Haikal & Aben. Then suruh I ajk Bell skali. So, pe lg, on je la kan. Hoho.

Gi rumah Bell lepak jap, pastu grak Summit. Mkn2 kat kdai pe tah, lps tu gi karaoke! Weeee. Tp kan, mase karaoke tu, tetibe je I xde mood. T'fkir psl si bongok tu laa. Haihz, sdih tol idop aku ni. Pe lg, start nangis la kan. Yg lain pun dah plik HAHA. Ntah, rase cam dah t'lbih memendamkan perasaan. Meletop la aku gak akhirnye kan.

Lgu terakhir. Melompat lg tinggi. Haha. Lgu ni je kot yg wat semue b'semangat. Lol.


Haikal, 'scandal' t'syg. HAHA wtf.

Snap, snap , & snap lagiiiii.

Lps karaoke tu Is call I. Kate die ade kat KL skang. Ley suruh I gi ambik die kat Pudu. Aku tau lak jln kan. Pastu, mlm tu die call lg. Kate die saje je dtg KL, psl nak jumpe I. Die rase cam suke I lg, syg I lg. Then nak mintak cpl blik. Heh, sry ah wey. I dah xley ouh nak cpl ngan org lain. Ble bygkan diri I ngan org lain pun dah rase smcm doh. Lg2 ble fkir pe yg I wat kat u dlu kan. Tp tu pun u bknnye tau. Pfft. N'way, skang pun I scandal b'lambak, xkan u nak I ulang blik bende same mase cpl dlu kan.

Then, si Izz lak, majok ngan I. Psl pe? Psl I xjd gi Mid jumpe die. Heh. Izz tu sape? Bkal bf je HAHAA. Cheh xde la.

Nah Yon, ambik ko. Satu post complete dlm bm. Ahaha. Plik doh, sumpah xske post dlm bm.


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.

.Saturday, November 14, 2009 ' 3:28 PM Y
live & regret.

Currently tuning into: Ashley Tisdale - What If

Don't speak,
I can't believe, this is here happening,
Our situation isn't right,
Get real, who you playing with,
I never thought you'd be like this,
You were supposed to be there by my side.

When you say that you want me,
I just don't believe it,
You're always ready to give up and never turn around.

But what if I need you baby,
Would you even try to save me,
Or would you find some lame excuse to never be true,
What if I said I loved you,
Would you be the one to run to,
Or would you watch me walk away without a fight.

I'm so sick of worrying that you're gonna quit over anything,
I could trip and you let go like that,
And everything that we ever were,
It seems to fade, but not the hurt,
'Cause you don't know the good things from the bad.

When I say that I want you,
You know that I mean it,
And in my hour of weakness,
There's still time to try.

Everytime I speak you try and stop me,
'Cause every little thing I say is wrong,
You say you're noticing, but you'll never see,
This is who I really am but you can't relate,
Makes me wanna know right now if it's me you'll live without,
Or would you change your mind?

What if I need you.

So. My b'day was a nice one I suppose last night.

Celebrated my b'day at Star Cafe with Bell, Nad, Saleh, Haikal, Mirul, & Adie. Why Star Cafe? Port lepak shisha kitorg HAHA. N'way, Nad bought me this childish cake. Personally, I expected something nicer fer my 18th b'day. After all, I was the one paying for it. But wtvr, diam je la.

The cake. =.=

Snapped by Haikal.

So, after eating cake, we all supposingly wanted to go snap photos at a corner nearby. Skali, at my most unexpected moment I was bombarded by flour & glitter. Right. At first I was damn pissed, this was my 18th b'day, I wanted it to be special. I spent almost a hundred, my own fucking money mind you, buying the clothes I was wearing, which was ruined. N'way, at first I threw a bitch fit, shouting at everyone, but the whole thing already happened, I couldn't do anything, so I just had to pull myself up & start laughing.

Nmpk haaa. Minutes before being attacked. Pfft.

After that went back to Bell's house to take a shower, & got attacked again, this time by water balloons. Pfft. Bottom line, this wasn't what I planned, it was more childish than special, but fun I suppose. P.s, note to self, no more b'days with them after this. & I'm serious.

Well, a lot of people wished me, smses, ms, fb. & the people at Star Cafe. Kinda touched really. Haha. Nvr received so many wishes before. My fb wall was pratically full of wishes. Lol. But the most special & unexpected wish was from Amin's umi.

Was having my business lecture when I received a text msg from Umi. Thought it was Amin, but then I read it & almost cried. Yes, I almost cried. It was from her, wishing me Happy B'day. Instantly there was this feeling building up inside me, feeling touched & somewhat guilty. B'cuz of everything going on with me & Amin I didn't even bother texting or calling her any longer, b'cuz I was assuming that, after all, I am her son's ex-girlf, why would she want to give a damn about me anymore, she can always get to know her new future daughter-in-law. Guess I was wrong. Which is why I've made it a point to go visit her next week. She's always been like my second mother, & I love her, Amin or no Amin.

So, to continue on, after midnight Amin came to Subang, with Yon & Anas. So, went to Star Cafe again with Bell. Didn't do much, just hung out, shisha, drinks, cigs. Lol. Then Amin told me to go with him to his car, apparently my present from his sis was 'very big'. Yea, a bracelet's very huge la kan. >.<

So, hung out in his car, talking & stuff. Obviously Yon & Bell thought we were somehow 'getting it on' in the car. HAHA WTF. Did a little talking, about his girlf, us, things like that. I didn't know what to say really, I've long since gone over that stage of hoping to be with him again, of hoping that he'll change. B'cuz I know now, he'll never change, & we'll never be together again. Which is why I officially sealed my lips shut. I do love him, I still miss him, but I'll keep that to my own self now.

Got back home at 3. Papa asked me where I went. I said, to celebrate b'day. The best thing is, he asked who's b'day. When I said mine, he kept quiet & went back to sleep. Nice isn't it, how your own father forgets your b'day. It's either b'cuz he's getting old, or he's just being ignorant.

Bottom line, by the end of my b'day night I was damn sober. & only God knows what my b'day wish was.


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.

.Thursday, November 12, 2009 ' 11:32 PM Y
live & regret.

Currently tuning into: Kesha - Tik Tok

Im talkin' bout - everybody getting crunk, crunk,
Boys tryna touch my junk, junk,
Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk, drunk,
Now, now - we goin til they kick us out, out,
Or the police shut us down, down,
Police shut us down, down,
Po-po shut us -

Dont stop, make it pop,
DJ, blow my speakers up,
Tonight, Ima fight,
Til we see the sunlight,
Tick tock, on the clock,
But the party dont stop no,
Woah-oh oh oh,
Woah-oh oh oh! ;D

So. Many people from my past are returning into my life. LOL. Fer one, Ismail, my ex from 2 yrs back suddenly re-contacted me. Lmao. Said that he wanted to come to Subang so that he can go out with me. Tetibe je. Pfft. Oh, fyi, he's staying in Batu Pahat, so it is a big deal really if he decides to come all the way here. N'way, he called while I was driving, & since there was a heavy jam, lyn suda. He said that my bm 'suda improve'. Wtf. Bm I truk sgt ke mase tuh? T_T

Started talking about our days together, mase cpl. Haha, klaka kot. Told him that I was going through a slightly rough time with one of my exes. Then this part came out:

Frh: Duhh, xtau la camne nak explain kat u. complicated gle babi kot.
Is: Cite je la. I tau la u camne, I kan prnh cpl ngan you.
Frh: Haha, yer la tuh. Cbe cite skit, pe yg u tau psl I?
Is: Hurm..you sensitive, nak org syg you, jage you.cpat jeles.
Frh: Cpat jeles? I prnh lak jeles mase cpl ngan u dlu. =.=

Haha. Swt. Yeap, he described me well I suppose, including the jealousy part. Hahaha. He was one of the boyfs I had that loved me well. However, at that time I was the one that wasn't ready fer anything serious. 16, dak form 4, dak xmatang la kot HAHA. Then I read his cmnts, the ones that I sent to him. Semue dlm bi kot. Mane x t'seksa u cpl ngan I dlu HAHAHA. I found this one funny though:

sy rindu bangat kat syg!!!

if only i could rob a handphone shop & steal their prepaid cards & call u & talk to u for hrs!
syg, i dah naik gile.

one day u better come & kidnap me.
klau x i gi kidnap u.
(farah's a bit high.)

Lmao. The old times.

Went to Mid Valley today. Wanted to go to the gym. But by the time I actually found the gym, I was almost exhausted from walking. Pfft. & to make matters worse, I ended up in The Gardens, completely unaware that it was a different building. T_T

So, after gym went to Carrefour to buy cat food. Then there were these booths, promoting stuff. Skali ade mamat ni, cam knl ouh. Then die pun tgk I, pastu ckp, "Ehhh, cam knl je amoy nih,". Omg. Palie! Haha. He used to work in front of my workplace fer like, eh, a week or so. Skali jumpe blik kat Mid. Gle ah. Haha. N'way, he teman-ed me into Carrefour, helped hold my stuff while I queued up at the counter, helped me carry the bags, & finally asked me out. HOHO. Awesomeness. Ske akuh HAHA.

Gym. (:

While stuck in the jam. Haha. Sempat lak akuh.

Oh. It's past midnight. I'm officially 18. Yeay!


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.


.Farah Alia.
18 going on 19, from London, England, & currently staying in Subang Jaya, Slgr, MY.

Me? I've yet to discover myself.

.MSN. farahalia@hotmail.co.uk
.YM/FB. frh.alia_131191@yahoo.com

My OLD blog!

When you walked away from me,
And said your last goodbye,
I never thought that six months on,
You'd still be in my life.

I have tried to forget,
Get you out of my head,
But the memories won't fade,
I can run I can hide from this feeling inside,
But the pain won't go away.

Now I'm sure you've found a girl,
To fill my empty space,
But I'm stuck with the love that we shared,
That time just can't erase,
I can run I can hide from this feeling inside,
But the pain won't go away.

Cause every time I hear your name,
The world stops for a moment,
Baby with a single word,
I can see your face again,
Cause every time I hear your name,
The world stops for a moment,
And I'm taken back to what we had,
Every time I hear your name.