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.Wednesday, March 31, 2010 ' 8:22 PM Y
live & regret.

I'm aware tht I haven't been blogging as much as before. Well, the things tht happen in my life are totally random really, happy or sad, so there's not much to say.

I'll post when there's really something that changes my life, aite.



i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.

.Thursday, March 18, 2010 ' 5:01 PM Y
live & regret.

Want updates? The Bukit Tinggi trip was uber awesome. Got to stay in a French-themed resort, wear a Kimono, learnt all sorts of funny plants names, eventhough it does sound kinda boring, had 5 full buffets, worked out at the lousy gym, sweated my ass off at the gym, watched a Chinese acrobatic show, & finally, kene ayt kaw2. LOL. Pics, are all in FB. Well, most of them la. (:

Oh, & these few days I've been going out with friends. 3 ari b'trut-trut, lpak ngan 3 gang berlainan. LOL. On Tuesday met the close friends, Haikal & Aben. Went to watch V3: Gangster Jalanan b'cuz there was no nice movie to watch & I had already watched Alice In Wonderland 3D with Jo-lyn & Debbie last week. Swt. At night, after gym, hung out with Eddie, the scandal t'syg.

Then yesterday, spent the whole afternoon with Eddie again, had lunch & walked around Sunway. Ni confirm jd topic hangat kat UTAR dah. Met some of my uni mates at Sunway these past 2 days. Mesti dorg plik. 1st2 tgk aku ngan due mamat, gi tgk wyg. Nx day mamat lain lak, punye la rapat lak tuh. HOHO.

This morning, had breafast with Aloy at Old Town, Subang Avenue. Met him here at the gym on Monday, where Izwan introduced me to him. Pecah record ah bai, br brp ari knl dah lpak. Hahaa. After that he ajk me go lpak with him & some of his friends, so parked my car at Carrefour, & went with him in his car to his friend's house in Bandar Utama. After tht, went lepak at The Curve. His friends, Siti & Diyana, somehow were damn familiar. They said the same thing too. Apparently it was obvious tht we had met & chatted somewhere, tp masing2 xtau mane. Hahaa lol. & well, now here I am, at the gym. Oh, & I finally found my belly dancing thingy! Wtf. You know, that cloth with bells you tie around yr waist, like those Arabians? LOLOLOL.

One thing I've realised these past few days? I'm definitely not ready to be in a new relationship. B'cuz, as of now, I wanna spend my time having fun with guys. & not in the wrong way obviously. Put it this way, I'm still not done enjoying the freedom of being tied down to only one guy. So, why waste my time having a headache in which one to choose out of two guys? I'm still single, I can go out with anyone I want. & for once, I actually truly, genuinely enjoy being single. Doesn't make a player, right? ;)

You know, it's kinda weird when suddenly everyone actually notices you. Now wherever I go there is always one random guy walking past me who would stop & say I'm pretty/ cute. WTF. Sure beats being invisible.


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.

.Tuesday, March 9, 2010 ' 6:18 PM Y
live & regret.

Currently tuning into: Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love

Yesterday I woke up at 6am, quite confident that I was gonna make it through the day, as in, go fer classes from 8am until 5pm & still manage to make it to the gym until 11pm. However, proved myself wrong.

Was driving to uni, going through the terrible jam, until I suddenly realised that I was having difficulty breathing. The moment I arrived at uni I knew I couldn't make it through the whole day so I called mummy up & told her I'll only be going for the 8-10 Finance lecture.

After that went to the office to get some stuff done, then drove to the clinic I always go to, in front of my old school. According to the doctor I was just having the usual fever, flu, cough & stuff, & a little asthma. After tht drove back home.

By the time I arrived home I was as pale as a ghost, on the verge of fainting. In fact, the whole room seemed to be spinning around me. Pfft. It's a wonder how I actually managed to drive almost an hour back home in tht condition.

Still having the stupid pening2 & loya2 feeling now, but way better than yesterday. Apparently I was having very low blood pressure last night, which was why I ended up that way. Sheesh. It sucks to be sick, I rarely fall sick. The last time I really fell sick was 2yrs ago, during Raya. Wtf.

Haven't been to the gym in 2 days, & it's killing me. Though mummy's saying I probably overworked myself at the gym. Lol.

& I'll be going to Bukit Tinggi this Friday. Papa's company family day. Yeay! :D

Before going out with mummy to fetch adik from school. At least I have to energy to stand up today.

Oh, just realised. Apparently my amount of blog followers have decreased. I suppose last time everyone was anxious to follow up on my 'tragic love story'. HAHA WTF. Let's just hope I get an awesome + almost perfect boyf soon yea. ;)


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.

.Sunday, March 7, 2010 ' 8:34 PM Y
live & regret.

Currently tuning into: Lady Gaga - Silly Boy

So this morning I was having breakfast/lunch at Taipan with my family. Discussed with Papa about my degree in Sg Long, which is gonna be in June. About whether I should travel Subang-Sg Long & back or to rent a place there. Papa actually came to a point where he said he'll buy me an apartment there. Fuhhhh. Merdeka la aku, ley wat PP dahh hoiii HAHAH. 0.0

It's scaring me actually, tht I've been waiting so long to finally stay on my own, & now tht it's gonna be in a few mths, I'm kinda reluctant to move out from my family. Pfft. Call me anak manja la kan, but I am attached to my family. Would be coming home on weekends though. Still haven't decided whether I wanna rent a apartment with friends or as papa said, get my own. Time sure flies, I'm entering my 20s soon, & I'll have to be depend on myself.

Oh, wanna know what many guys are saying to me now? Mmg susah nak ambik ati u kan? Hahaa. I've been getting tht only God knows how many times now. I'm no longer as easy as before. You can treat me with the sweetest phrases ever, you may have the best looks ever, but I'll never fall. I have a hard time trusting guys, therefore I have a hard time actually loving them. Thx to an ex-boyf. I'm not really in love, I'm just saying it aloud to ensure myself tht I'm still pretty normal. Sheesh.

The nx boyf in my life would obviously be pretty darn lucky if he actually manages to melt this stone cold heart of mine. Pfft.

I'm sick. Fever, flu, cough, urgh, the entire package. & tmrw class is back to back from 8am-5pm. Sheesh someone kill me.


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.

.Friday, March 5, 2010 ' 12:52 PM Y
live & regret.

Currently tuning into: Lady Gaga - Monster

On This Day In Your Life Farah, God Wants You To Know..

that there are appropriate times to stand in your power. Power isn't always evil. If you stand tall in the power of goodness, you can have a powerful impact on a situation.

credits to facebook.

Heyy! Haven't blogged in ages, I know. Been really busy since final sem started, & with gym, I get home feeling so friggin exhausted even onlining is no longer on my mind.

So. Been trying to get my studies on track, & boy it ain't easy. Killer subs this sem, especially when it involves me having to take 3 subs, while many others are taking 2. Payback time fer bad results I suppose. Pfft. Mid-terms are in 2 weeks time, assignments are due in 3 weeks time, & finals are at the end of nx mth. Bullet train dah hoii. Sheesh.

Oh, & this past week I've been attempting to track down my fellow Assunta Kuantan classmates, from Standard 2 & 3. Found a few, & it didn't take long fer then to rmbr me. Ain't hard to miss me out really, since I was the malay girl with Chinese looks who entered 2 Inovatif, not knowing a single word of Malay, speaking English with a heavy British accent. When someone weird appears, you nvr forget them do you. Sheesh. One thing's fer sure though, the bullies damn right sure never forgotten me. Found one, this girl Alina, & she recognized me straight away. Sure, b'cuz of you & your fellow bitches my 1st yr studying in Malaysia was hell on earth. But hey, the past, all placed behind where it is.

P.s, I'm in love again. & this time, I'm working hard to get what I want. ;)


i'm okay, until i realise that things will never be the same.


.Farah Alia.
18 going on 19, from London, England, & currently staying in Subang Jaya, Slgr, MY.

Me? I've yet to discover myself.

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My OLD blog!

When you walked away from me,
And said your last goodbye,
I never thought that six months on,
You'd still be in my life.

I have tried to forget,
Get you out of my head,
But the memories won't fade,
I can run I can hide from this feeling inside,
But the pain won't go away.

Now I'm sure you've found a girl,
To fill my empty space,
But I'm stuck with the love that we shared,
That time just can't erase,
I can run I can hide from this feeling inside,
But the pain won't go away.

Cause every time I hear your name,
The world stops for a moment,
Baby with a single word,
I can see your face again,
Cause every time I hear your name,
The world stops for a moment,
And I'm taken back to what we had,
Every time I hear your name.